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Mekong / Melbourne

Mekong. I’m not going to sugar coat it. The shittest place I have ever been in Melbourne. Don’t get me wrong, not all the food is bad and some people love it here. Hell, even my boyfriend likes this place, however my first experience at Mekong was bad enough to make it my last.

The environment is authentic, but stale - with tacky condiments on tables, laminated menus and unclean cutlery. Apologies for the half eaten food pictures coming up, it was a Saturday night and I was drunk.

Check those tits. I mean the rice paper roll. Lauren wanted vegetarian rice paper rolls but they didn’t have any left. So she ordered four prawn ones, but they only had two left. Obviously not made fresh, obviously too lazy to make any, obviously crap service.

Spring rolls, pastry was a bit heavier than expected. You can get better spring rolls elsewhere. 

Grilled pork on vermicelli. This was my dish, simple but tasty. I enjoyed it because I was hungry and drunk. Don’t know if I would in any other state.

I think this was rare beef noodle soup / Pho. Classic vietnamese dish. Nothing wrong with the dish but there was nothing extraordinary either. 


Grilled chicken on vermicelli, obviously not grilled for long enough. Undercooked chicken was enough to put the whole table off their appetite. 


Vegetable noodle soup. Here’s the slippery slope to customer dissatisfaction. A piece of plastic bag in a dish. Who knows how long that poisonous plastic bag would have been brewing in that boiling soup for. 

Mekong has proved to serve some good-ish dishes and mentions on other blogs, however I think the ad outside saying “Bill Clinton had 2 bowls, how many can you handle?” must be a complete lie. I don’t know why anybody with more than $50 in their bank account would come here.

If you want to risk food poisoning or near death by choking on a plastic bag for the sake of mediokre food, Mekong is your place.

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Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam
03 9663 328
241 Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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Ricky Sam