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Taiwan cafe is cute little asian restaurant on Swanston street. The place reminded me of 2003, when I was in Taiwan. Back then I described the food as Japanese style Chinese. I was young and naive, but I was also kinda right.

The restaurant has a bit of seating, but it’s tight and squashy. To eat here you will have to squeeze, although that’s pretty standard in the streets of Melbourne. One customer leaned back on his chair and knocked the noodle soup out of another customers table sitting beside him, and that is not standard in Melbourne. (Although it was pretty funny.)

Last time I was here I ordered the wasabi prawns, I highly recommend them. Today I was peckish and felt like entree’s more than a main, so for lunch I had the Oyster Omelette and 6 Dumplings. The omelette was a little bit slimy for my liking, great oyster flavour in the omelette though. Dumplings had sufficient flavour, crispiness and standard size. I had some chilli with mine to spice it up a bit. I love dumplings!

I kind of like this place, they have a lot on their menu that I am still yet to try! How about you try it for me?

Taiwan Cafe
03 9663 6663
273 Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC 3000


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